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CareToMe Will Assist You In Creating A Unique In-home Care Experience For Your Patients


According to a 2019 survey commissioned by American Well® the majority of consumers surveyed are open to telehealth services, and the use of telehealth services continues to grow. Here's what the survey revealed about consumers of healthcare services:


  • 66% of consumers are willing to use telehealth, and 8% have tried it 
  • How consumers want to use telehealth varies greatly by age 
  • Older populations want telehealth for prescription renewals, chronic care management 

Our Mission

 To assist physicians in providing patients with the most appropriate level of healthcare needed, in the most appropriate setting..

The CareToMe Difference

CareToMe has developed an innovative platform which enables  individual physicians, physician groups. health system and even health plans to provide traditional healthcare services to patients in a nontraditional way. The CareToMe platform is built upon the premise of providing convenient high-quality care at a reasonable price by combining some of the best features of telemedicine technology and bringing “hands-on” healthcare services to the patient's home which is under the direct, but virtual, direction of the treating physician.

 When deemed appropriate by the treating physician the CareToMe platform's goal is to enable patients to receive care outside of today’s more traditional settings; settings like hospital emergency rooms, urgent care facilities and physician offices. 

CareToMe Use Examples

Chronic Condition(s) Monitoring

Monitoring conditions like hypertension, diabetes and anticoagulation therapies can be difficult to monitor especially for elderly patients, patients residing in rural areas or having transportation challenges.


Post-surgical or Inpatient Follow Up

Recovering from home following an in-patient stay or a surgical procedure can be difficult. It's well understood appropriate follow-up care/monitoring helps prevent complications and possible readmissions. In addition, patients will appreciate less travel during their recovery. Whether your patient is recovering from major surgery, childbirth or are immunocompromised in some way home recovery may be your best choice for your patient's follow-up care.

Transitional Living Facility (without skilled nursing)

Evaluation of your patient's ongoing chronic conditions or the evaluation of non-emergent conditions may be the best option for some of your patients in that setting.

Here's How We Can Help You



  • Your patients will receive the most appropriate care in the most appropriate setting for the healthcare services they require
  • Your day will be more productive because you will be able to focus on more complicated/critical in-office patient visits
  • Patient-centered satisfaction based on convenience you've provided
  • Immunocompromised or other vulneable patients will spend less time in common reception areas  

Health Systems

  • Population health focus
  • Highest and best use of the physician resource
  • Decreased readmission
  • Physician and patient satisfaction
  • Built for the ACO environment
  • Ongoing behavioral health potential



  • Most appropriate level of care
  • Fewer ER visits
  • Fewer inpatient admissions
  • Active patient follow up care to maintain health

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